Blocking Transformations

Aggregation →

Details about the Aggregation

The aggregation class let you aggregate your data by with either your own aggregation function or a default function. This can be done on your whole data or on particular groups of your data (similar to a GROUP BY in sql).

Batch Transformation →

Details about the BatchTransformation

The BatchTransformation let you transform batches of ingoing data.

Block Transformation →

Details about the BlockTransformation

The BlockTransformation is a real blocking transformation. It will block processing until all records arrived, and use up as much memory as needed to store the incoming rows. After this, all rows are written into the output.

Caching Batches →

Details about the CachedBatchTransformation

The CachedBatchTransformation has the same functionality as the BatchTransformation, but offers additionally a cache manager object to access previously processed batches of data.

Cross Join →

Details about the CrossJoin

The CrossJoin allows you to combine every record from one input with every record from the other input. This allows you to simulate a cross join like behavior as in sql (also known as Cartesian product).

Sort →

Details about the Sort

The sort is a simple transformation that sorts all you incoming data.

Wait Transformation →

Details about the WaitTransformation

The WaitTransformation blocks execution until another component in the network has completed processing all records.