Relational Databases

Access →

Instruction how to read or write from access databases.

Access is partially supported in ETLBox. Most of the components may work, but there are some limitations when connecting with Access. Below are these limitation described in detail. The good news is: You can make it work to integrate access either as source or as destination.

Connection Managers →

An overview of existing database connectors in ETLBox and their concepts.

There a numerous database connector packages that come with ETLBox. Add the connector package for the database that you want to connect with. So if you want to connect with a SqlServer, add the ETLBox.SqlServer pacakge to your project. For MySql, use ETLBox.MySql.

Database Type Check →

Ensuring Type Consistency in Incoming Rows

The DbTypeCheck is a component designed to check the type consistency of all properties of incoming records against their corresponding columns in an existing database table. This ensures that data being processed matches the expected types in the database, helping maintain data integrity and prevent errors during data flow operations.

Merging & Syncing Tables →

Details about the DbMerge connector

The following article describes how you can use the data from your data flow to insert new data in a destination table, update existing or delete removed records.

Relational Databases →

Accessing relation databases with the DbSource and DbDestination

A detailed overview of the DbSource and DbDestination connector.