Other connectors

Concurrent In-Memory →

Details about the ConcurrentMemoryDestination

The ConcurrentMemoryDestination is very similar to the MemoryDestination, but uses a thread safe collection for storing data.

Custom Code →

Details about the CustomSource and CustomDestination

ETLBox allows you to create your own implementation of a source or destinations. This gives you high flexibility if you need to integrate systems that are currently now included in the list of default connectors.

In-Memory Data →

Details about the MemorySource and MemoryDestination

The MemorySource and MemoryDestination allows you to read or write data from/into an IEnumerable - so any list or collection of the .NET ecosystem can be used as source or destination for an ETLBox data flow. The Memory connectors are available in the ETLBox core package.

Void Destination →

Details about the VoidDestination

The Void destination can be used to discard records