Concurrent In-Memory

The ConcurrentMemoryDestination is very similar to the MemoryDestination, but uses a thread safe collection for storing data.

Core package

The ConcurrentMemoryDestination is part of the ETLBox core package - so you don’t need to add an extra package to your package references to use this destination component.


The concurrent memory destination has the same properties and behavior like the [MemoryDestination](./ The difference between both is that the ConcurrentMemoryDestination stores the incoming data in a BlockingCollection   instead a normal List<T>. You can access the received data within the Data property. The BlockingCollection is designed to be thread-safe. Data can be read from this collection as soon as it arrives, and you don’t have to wait for you data flow to finish.


ConcurrentMemoryDestination<MySimpleRow> dest = 
    new ConcurrentMemoryDestination<MySimpleRow>();
// data is accessible in dest.Data 

The default implementation of ConcurrentMemoryDestination will use internal the ExpandoObject

var dest = new ConcurrentMemoryDestination();

You can use the ConcurrentMemoryDestination also with arrays.

var dest = new ConcurrentMemoryDestination<string[]>();