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Stop wasting time on manual and time-consuming data processing tasks. ETLBox is a powerful and versatile C# library for performing Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) operations. With its simple and intuitive API, you can quickly and easily extract data from various sources, transform it into the desired format, and load it into your target system. Whether you need to move data from one database to another or process large amounts of data for business intelligence purposes, ETLBox provides a comprehensive set of tools to streamline your work. It’s highly customizable and flexible, so you can easily adapt it to your specific needs.

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See why ETLBox is the best C# library for ETL operations with a free trial of our powerful library. Our trial license gives you full access to all of ETLBox’s features, so you can test drive the library and see how it can streamline your data processing tasks. Whether you’re a data analyst, developer, or data scientist, ETLBox makes it easy to perform complex ETL operations with just a few lines of code.

Nuget - free until 5000 rows

Get started today by adding the publicly available NuGet packages to your project:

You will need to add this package to your project. If you don’t exceed the limit of 5000 rows per dataflow, everything will work out of the box.

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For unlimited testing, simply click on the link below to access the trial form and get your trial license instantly. After registering the trial license key, the 5000 rows per DataFlow restriction on the publicly available nuget package is removed.

Don’t miss this opportunity to streamline your ETL operations with the powerful and versatile ETLBox library.