Data Integration

Csv to Json →

Example code how to transform a Csv to a Json

This example shows how to read data from a csv and transform it into a json - one time using strongly typed object and also using the dynamic ExpandoObject.

Duplicate Checks →

Different methods to filter duplicates in your source

This example shows how different methods to filter out duplicates in your input data.

Flatten Nested Array in Xml →

Example: flatten nested array in a xml file

This example shows how to denormalize a nested data array within a xml structure.

From Files to Databases →

Example: From files and databases

Sometimes you are in need to transfer data across databases on different server or to integrate flat files. ETLBox is an excellent tool of choice for integrating data from different sources. This example will guide you through the most common scenarios.

Integrate REST Endpoints →

Example code how to use Json from REST endpoints or other web services

This example demonstrates how json data can be received and send between web endpoints. It will read json data from a REST endpoint, rename some properties and send each entry from the source into a different endpoint.

SFTP Example →

ETLBox and SFTP: A Practical Guide

In this article, we'll give you a practical example of combining ETLBox with the SSH.NET library in order to fetch data from an SFTP server. This scenario is particularly useful where files need to be securely transferred over a network before processing.