Other examples

Memory Consumption →

This recipe show a small command line utility that loads test data and allows to observer the memory consumption while loading this data.

This sample application demonstrates the key database operations, including creating database tables, loading data, synchronizing data between tables, and prints out the current memory consumptions. The application listens for user commands to execute the specific ETL tasks. While the operations are performed, you can utilize the Resource Monitor to observer the current Memory Consumption of the process (and other metrics if needed.)

Unit Testing →

This example shows how unit tests could be constructed for data flow.

This recipe demonstrate how unit tests could be written to test data flows. The described approach here is very basic and should only be considered as a starting point - there are a lot of different possibilities to write unit tests for ETLBox - as the library is written in .NET, all test framework and other test packages are fully supported.

Web Scraping →

Example: Web scraping

This example demonstrates how content from a web site can be scraped and used to store, aggregate and display the retrieved data.