Release notes

Release notes are starting with version 2.3.0

Version 2.4.0


  • TextSource: ParseLineAction changed to ParseLineFunc
  • StreamMetaData holds number of processed rows per request
  • Added Redis source/destination (package ETLBox.Redis)
  • Added Couchbase source/destination (package ETLBox.Couchbase)
  • Added MongoDb source/destination (package ETLBox.MongoDb)
  • Network class: Network.Cancel(..) allows to cancel a running complete data flow

Bug fixes Bug

  • DbMerge: For missing compare columns, the non-Id columns are now properly used detecting exists/updates
  • Db2ConnectionManager/UseSqlBulkInsert: Fixed bug when parameter where exceeding Db2 maximum
  • Network class: Networks now correctly cancels when exception in error path is thrown

Version 2.3.2



  • Auto generated xml documentation added to package - now visible with Intellisense or when browsing package content.


  • ExcelSource exposes parsed header names in FieldHeaders property.
  • DbSource has ColumnConverters property

Version 2.3.1



  • ODBC/OleDb now have ConnectionManagerType property settable.


  • Db2 now has support for schemas
  • CreateTableTask: Now offers functionality to alter tables (Alter() / CreateOrAlter())
  • CreateSchemaTask supports authorization
  • Added GetTableListTask (return all tables in database)


  • UnparsedData property for streaming sources now contains data of skipped rows.
  • All executable sources allow to set limit for records to read
  • Added property KeepIdentity to DbDestination which allows overwriting of Identity columns
  • DataConverters available for DbDestination (allows to add custom column converter)
  • (Breaking Change) DbSource: Replace ListColumnNames prop with ICollection ColumnMapping
  • (Breaking change) Improved naming in ColumnMap Attribute (NewName = PropertyName, CurrentName = DbColumnName)
  • (Breaking change) ColumnRename now uses RenameColumn attribute instead ColumnMapping.

Bug fixes

  • Postgres connection manager now has full support for jsonb columns.
  • DbSource/Sql property: Whitespace in column aliases are now properly parsed as column names.